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Disc Problems

Can Chiropractic help with disc bulges and herniations? YES!!! According to the latest research, our methods are effective in 87%-93% of all disc problems. This includes post surgery discs, or problems that still exist after surgery has been performed.

The bones of the spine (vertebrae) are held together with a strong ligament called a Disc. This disc is composed of 80 overlapping rings of ligaments surrounding a liquid center (nucleus pulposus). This liquid center is what bulges out in a Herniated disc, also called a slipped disc. This problem with the disc usually starts years before symptoms are apparent. The first sign that a disc is developing a problem is stiffness of the back. This stiffness is the back muscles in spasm. The body is only going to spasm out a muscle to protect or to correct a situation. This is why muscle relaxants are only a temporary fix usually leading to future, more serious problems of the spine.

Correction of disc problems begins with accurate diagnosis of the affected area. Our unique stress x-rays are able to detect and pinpoint the affected area so treatment can be concentrated. Results, in most cases, are very dramatic and fast. Long lasting and permanent corrections of most disc problems are possible. Below are some of our patient's dramatic stories of their recovery.

Disc Bulge Abnormal Bending

Disc Normal Motion Replaced after 8 weeks of Treatment