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Neck & Arm / Hand Pain

How is neck pain related to arm pain? According to the "New England Medical Journal" and the "British Medical Journal" Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ( a condition involving the wrist), begins in the neck! Most rotator cuff problems also originate from the neck. This happens because all of the nerves that supply the arm and hand come out of the base of the neck.

The neck is composed of 7 bones holding up a 12-18 lb. head. The neck is also the source of 97% of headaches according to the "New England Medical Journal".

To treat neck pain or neck muscle spasms with pain relievers or muscle relaxants is not taking into account that the body uses pain as an indicator of a problem. The body uses muscle spasms only to protect or to correct a problem. Our unique diagnostic methods identify the source of neck and arm pain. Our gentle effective treatment restores the natural curves of the neck and relieves the pressure on the nerves that supply the arm, often eliminating neck and arm pain permanently! Below are some of our patient's testimonials:

Pauline's Testimonial:

In July 1997 I underwent a Spinal Fusion with bone graft, for Spondylolisthesis and multiple disc herniations, L-S Spine. While playing golf in 2001 one of the inserted Titanium screws cracked. This led to excruciating pain with disability. I underwent another Spinal Fusion with “old hardware” replaced with 8 new Titanium screws and supporting Titanium rods. With each surgery a Staph infection occurred. Chronic disabling pain with weakness and numbness in my lower extremities plagued me and I was treated with physical therapy, traction, epidurals and pain medication. My surgeon advised further surgery and also insertion of an abdominal pump with a catheter into the spinal cord – for delivery of morphine medication to control the pain. My life was consumed with pain and sadness and inability to do social and athletic pursuits that I had so enjoyed. Pain was my constant companion! A neighbor recommended that I see Dr. John Bergman, D.C. My profession as a Registered Nurse made me very skeptical of Chiropractic treatment, but I was in a living nightmare. I saw Dr. Bergman and put myself into his caring hands.

In a matter of weeks the relief from pain was significant and the strength and feeling in my legs gradually returned. I felt my happy life begin again, after 10 long years of suffering. I am now able to enjoy my life experiences with loved ones, old friends and new friends. My passion is playing golf and after 3 long years I have resumed playing. The disabling, excruciating pain is now in the past. I still have some discomfort but it is now manageable and tolerable.

Thank you Dr. Bergman, words cannot express my eternal gratitude.