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Proof of our Results

Proof of our results should not be judged by just relieving pain, restoring motion, or decreasing the symptoms. Our goal is to eliminate the source of your symptoms, not only to treat your symptoms. To effectively treat the source of your symptoms you must look at the whole structure, or the entire body. For example, knee pain will cause your body to shift away from the hurt knee. This shifting of your weight causes unequal stress on both legs, the feet, the hips, low back, even the whole spine is placed under different stresses from only a knee problem!

Beyond symptoms, proof of our results involve detailed radiographic analysis to show that spinal reshaping has occurred. This reshaping of the spine is made permanent with our customized stabilization exercises. So symptoms don't return!! Below are a few of our patient's dramatic recoveries.

Lori's Testimonial:

Dr. Bergman is a God-send! Before coming to him I had daily headaches and had a persistent knot in my shoulder blade that made any kind of desk work painful. And sleeping on my back or stomach was impossible. I had tried other chiropractors over the years but I either left their office in more pain than when I went in or I was no better after several treatments. When I first saw Dr. Bergman I was sceptical but figured, "What do I have to lose?". First of all, I was very impressed that he did not even try to adjust me until he had taken a full set of back and neck x-rays to identify the sources of my pain. Once he started his adjustments, my headaches were gone within 2 weeks! The knot in my shoulder blade was also subsiding. The severe degree of curvature in my spine shocked me but my latest x-rays show incredible improvement from his spinal reshaping techniques...more than I had ever imagined possible. Dr. Bergman's dedication to his patients is evident in his treatment and results. And the fact that he recognizes that our bodies are perfectly and wonderfully designed by God made me feel even more at ease. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Bergman for how he has improved my quality of life!

Carmen's Testimonial
Infertility and Shoulder Pain

This is my Story….
My life has significantly changed and improved for the better since seeing Dr. Bergman on a regular basis. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for four years with no success. This was the reason I had sought out Dr. Bergman’s care.

Within one month, we conceived and sustained our pregnancy and now have a very happy six month old son in our lives.

We also had a home birth, all natural, and have abstained from giving our baby any vaccines. He is very healthy and alert and gets, also, adjusted by Dr. Bergman.

Another reason Dr. Bergman has drastically improved my life is that I had been suffering with chronic pain from a shoulder injury for the last 13 years. This affected my daily life and my job as a massage therapist in a terrible way.

Within three months, my neck and shoulder pain vanished and has not returned since; this helps me carry my new son very enthusiastically.
I am so thankful to have Dr. Bergman in our lives. He is a wonderful person and his holistic approach is so valuable.
I had tried so many other doctors without successful results and can honestly say that Dr. Bergman really cares about the inside and out and I can truly recommend his quality care because he has “fixed” me and changed my life most incredibly.


Nov 19th, 2007