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Proof of our results should not be judged by just relieving pain, restoring motion, or decreasing the symptoms. Our goal is to eliminate the source of your symptoms, not only to treat your symptoms. To effectively treat the source of your symptoms you must look at the whole structure, or the entire body. For example, knee pain will cause your body to shift away from the hurt knee. This shifting of your weight causes unequal stress on both legs, the feet, the hips, low back, even the whole spine is placed under different stresses from only a knee problem!

Beyond symptoms, proof of our results involve detailed radiographic analysis to show that spinal reshaping has occurred. This reshaping of the spine is made permanent with our customized stabilization exercises. So symptoms don't return!! Below are a few of our patient's dramatic recoveries. 











Rheumatoid Arthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease Cured

          Before coming to see Dr. Bergman in April 1, 2007, I was in constant pain and suffering from extreme fatigue. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2002 and degenerative disc disease in my neck and lower spine.


       Since coming to Dr. Bergman on a regular basis, I am off all six medications and have no longer needed the injections in my neck and spine for pain management. I have more energy and virtually no pain.


       What a blessing it is to have been introduced to Dr. Bergman.


                                                       Forever Grateful,

                                                                     Dawn Elliot


Pain Gone,

Drug Free For Life

Dr. John Bergman


I Bruce N. give this testimonial out of pride and knowledge that your expertise of restoring my body to its natural healing process has begun in earnest.  I have had only two weeks of treatment of my spine and I have been able to stops completely my need to ingest 60 milligrams of oxycodone each day of the week.  What a relief I'm experiencing and true feeling of hope for my future!!!!


May our loving God continue to bless us all with warmth regards and all my love, Bruce N.


P.S. Keep up the great work!!!!


Herniated Disc Regrown / Golfer Back on The Course

Dear, Dr. Bergman,

       I am writing this letter in complete disbelief at the success I have experienced through my treatments at Bergman Chiropractic. I have moderate to severe degeneration of lumbar disk 4/5 and I was experiencing debilitating chronic back pain and loss of motion. I was unable to sleep at night, put pants on in the morning and bending over to pick up anything from the floor was difficult as well as extremely painful. In addition, I am an avid golfer and compete in many tournaments annually. I was unable to swing a golf club without experiencing moderate to extreme pain; even bending over to putt was painful. I had tried pain relievers and physical therapy with no success, and I was sadly considering giving up my passion, golf. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Bergman by a friend and a fellow golfer and although, I had always been skeptical about Chiropractic, I decided to give Dr. Bergman a try, after 3 months of Chiropractic treatment, I was no longer in chronic pain. After 8 months of treatment I had a pain free golf swing and won my golf club championship. I am now a firm believer in the ability of Chiropractic to treat spinal injuries.

       Thank you Dr. Bergman!


Dena Atkins


Fibromyalgia Cured

Dear Dr. Bergman and Staff,

I came to you at the end of my rope. I was living with constant pain for the past 11 years. Seeing every kind of doctor out there and having every test and they could throw at me. They told me I was the “healthiest” woman in pain they has ever seen and that they have no idea what was wrong with me.  Then last year finally, “they” diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. Whatever that is…

At 45 I ran my first 5k in so much pain, I had to stop several times to stretch and rub out the pain in my legs. Then I found you, on the recommendation from a good friend. I am happy to tell everyone I meet or at least anyone who will listen; that because of your help, I just finished my first Marathon!! Yes!! I said Marathon!!! Pain during the run, well of course! It’s 26.2 miles for God Sake!!! I ran the entire race and finished in 5 hours 45 minutes!

Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, especially Minnie, who saw how much pain I was in and that I was so tired of living that way. She got me in as soon as possible and she has been a bright smile every day since. Now, I have a wonderful, amazing accomplishment that I will have to remember for the rest of my life, and I have you and your staff to thank for it.


Your friend,                                                                  

Kathleen Alt-Munsell- Marathon Runner


21 Years of Back Pain Gone

Stephani Stockton

Compassion, Respect, Commitment, Education & Healing.  This is what all of Dr. Bergman’s patients receive on a regular basis and what makes him unique and exceptional in his field of chiropractics.  I know of no one else like him!


For 21 years I sought relief for my back pain, visiting several doctors and chiropractors with temporary or no results.  Then, two years ago I was referred to Dr. B. and because of him I have been pain free for over a year with plenty more pain free years to look forward to.  


It would be real easy to simply collect a fee, provide minimal service and send you on your way, but that’s not Dr. B.  He is excited about educating all his patients on current health topics and how to help ourselves.  From proper stretching and exercise to proper dietary habits and how it all relates to good health.


Halleluiah for the Church of Dr. B. !!!


Loyal parishioner Stephani S.



Carpel Tunnel Reversed

Robert Scaccianoce

Hi Doc
Just wanted to drop you a few words.

But first a bit about me.
I am a hyper workaholic Italian with more time to live with pain then sit in a waiting room for potential help.
Your unique program of "quick in and out" fits my schedule very nicely. No wasted time, just a few moments and i am back at work.

Last Monday i said to you, it would be nice if you could do something for the Carpel tunnel problem in my right hand.
You looked amazed as you said "Of Course I Can".
Wam ban, two adjustments, one on the arm with the problem, and one on the other arm.
Maybe 10 seconds. Wow...felt better right then and there. 

I had been living with a pain of 9.5 on a scale of 10 for years. It was just there all the time, especailly when i used the right hand for doing things. I didn't stop doing things with it, i just learned to live with the pain.
On day one the pain went from 9.5  a 5.
On day two it went to a 4.
Today 8 days later, it must still be some pain somewhere even if i can't feel it.
But hit me right now with the quesitons and i would have to say a 0 for pain and a 2 for "stiffness and less movement" then the good hand.

Thanks Doc
Nice to be on the computer and it not being on "the hand rack" of days of old.


Migraine Pain for 27 Years Gone


Hi my name is Tina... And I suffered from migraines. I am 48 years old and have suffered from migraines since the age of 21 and have been on countless medications. Unfortunately, each and every medication has had mild to severe side effects. There is not one morning that I do not wake up without a headache. I also experience at least "2" severe migraines a month that just causes my body to break down. My eyesight becomes blurry, my body begins to tremble and my coordination leaves me. The nausea and vomiting is endless and the stiffness that I feel in my neck and shoulders is unbearable. The constant pulsing pain in my head is absolutely excruciating. I have been to a steam of neurologists, who at times, did not even bother to read my medical history before they started writing me prescription for "more" medications!!!!

When I was in the midst of a migraine, I would call my doctor, who, in turn would tell me "there is nothing I can do for you, go to emergency.' I would then go to the ER only, to be treated rudeness and complete disregard for my situation. They were flippant and dismissive. I was treated as all of this pain was in my head. But, even more insulting was the way they insinuated that I was there for a "fix" which is really ironic since I don't drink, smoke or partake in drug use and am very physically active. It is appalling to me that these "traditional" doctor's are not more in-tuned, informed and aware of the fact that…at least 32 million people in our country suffer from migraines; the majority of them being women. Apparently, the answer, to the "traditional" doctors, is to just mask the pain. And for migraine sufferers that is usually hard hitting drugs, such as...morphine, Demerol, diluted etc...Which is absolutely, without question detrimental to your health on so many levels!!! I was introduced to Dr. Bergman by a very close and precious friend. He was my last hope…literally. I didn't know how much about chiropractics, if anything at all. But, I was more than willing to give it a try. I was at my wit's end and had nothing to lose. I certainly didn't allow myself to get my hopes up. I didn't want to be disappointed again or should I say "devastated" again. I made an appointed and begun seeing Dr. Bergman. My first impression really caught me off guard. He was a warm and genuinely caring person. He actually sincerely cared about me and my well being. Dr. Bergman truly took my pain to heart (something I had never experienced before). So, I decided to literally put myself into his knowledgeable and compassionate hands. Within days I was waking up without headaches!!!! I just can't believe it, Was this real? Indeed it is. For the first time in 22 years, I have not needed to visit the nightmare of an emergency room. I am thrilled beyond belief!!!! Dr. Bergman and chiropractic have changed my life; this truly, truly is the miracle I have been waiting for.

I am now able to enjoy my life with my husband and four adult children without the constant fear of a migraine ruining our holidays, vacations and just our daily lives. Thank you, Dr. Bergman for giving me hope and my life back!!!!!!


Headaches And Neck Pain Gone

Dr. Bergman is a God-send! Before coming to him I had daily headaches and had a persistent knot in my shoulder blade that made any kind of desk work painful. And sleeping on my back or stomach was impossible. I had tried other chiropractors over the years but I either left their office in more pain than when I went in or I was no better after several treatments. When I first saw Dr. Bergman I was sceptical but figured, "What do I have to lose?". First of all, I was very impressed that he did not even try to adjust me until he had taken a full set of back and neck x-rays to identify the sources of my pain. Once he started his adjustments, my headaches were gone within 2 weeks! The knot in my shoulder blade was also subsiding. The severe degree of curvature in my spine shocked me but my latest x-rays show incredible improvement from his spinal reshaping techniques...more than I had ever imagined possible. Dr. Bergman's dedication to his patients is evident in his treatment and results. And the fact that he recognizes that our bodies are perfectly and wonderfully designed by God made me feel even more at ease. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Bergman for how he has improved my quality of life!



Infertility Cured

This is my Story….
My life has significantly changed and improved for the better since seeing Dr. Bergman on a regular basis. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for four years with no success. This was the reason I had sought out Dr. Bergman’s care.

Within one month, we conceived and sustained our pregnancy and now have a very happy six month old son in our lives.

We also had a home birth, all natural, and have abstained from giving our baby any vaccines. He is very healthy and alert and gets, also, adjusted by Dr. Bergman.

Another reason Dr. Bergman has drastically improved my life is that I had been suffering with chronic pain from a shoulder injury for the last 13 years. This affected my daily life and my job as a massage therapist in a terrible way.

Within three months, my neck and shoulder pain vanished and has not returned since; this helps me carry my new son very enthusiastically.
I am so thankful to have Dr. Bergman in our lives. He is a wonderful person and his holistic approach is so valuable.
I had tried so many other doctors without successful results and can honestly say that Dr. Bergman really cares about the inside and out and I can truly recommend his quality care because he has “fixed” me and changed my life most incredibly.


Nov 19th, 2007



Dear Dr. Bergman,

My Brother Mike, and my Mom Carol, have sung your praises for years. You don't know me, but you called my 19 year old son, Tom, a couple of weeks ago. Tom and I are both so blown away by the kindness you showed him. We went from doctor to doctor her in Minnesota and couldn't get even one of them to show the concern or have the knowledge that you did. I wish that you could have seen Tom the day that you spoke with him. My 5'10" already thin son went from 149 lbs. to 115 lbs. in one month. He was in the hospital twice and besides family doctors, he also saw specialists. He had diarrhea with blood about every 20 minutes, and had even brought a cot to sleep on into the bathroom because he was so weak. Every time I brought him to see a doctor or to the E.R. they gave the same answer, "We need to increase his Prednisone." Tom did a lot of research and found that Prednisone has some terrible life-long side effects. He also learned from one doctor that a person should not be on the dose he was on tor more than 3 weeks, yet even after being on it for 5 weeks, they kept saying that because the last dose was not helping, they needed to increase it. I was so tired, frustrated and mostly scared seeing my son so week, pale and lifeless. We had our pastor and his wife pray over him on Sunday after church. They prayed for strength and knowledge.

The next day you called Tom. You talked to him long-distance for quite a while. Tom took your advice to go on a 3 day diet of juiceing, spinach, apple, celery and carrots. The next day we had an appointment with the specialist who again wanted to increase his Prednisone. Tom said "No, I'm done!" He knew he had to get off this drug very slowly or it could be fatal. The next day he began the full juice fast that you recommended. The day after that was amazing. He said for the first time in 5 weeks, he felt like he had some energy. By the 3rd day, he felt really good. He has gained 2 lbs. this week compared to previously losing a pound a day. The diarrhea and blood has stopped! He wants to go back to work and is feeling good again. He continues to eat healthy and juice everyday. I wanted to write and thank you Dr. Bergman, for your knowledge, your generousity, your kindness and for going out of your way to help my son when you didn't have to. Thank you a million times over. You are an amazing doctor and now, I too, sing your praises.


Kathi Gallup - 2011