Meet The Staff

  • Minnie Douglass & Julia

    My husband Rich and I have 3 amazing children Jeremy 20, Josh 17 and Julia 6. I enjoy spending time with my family watching a good movie, a walk on the beach and BBQ. My interest was peaked on the benefits on Chiropractic when I heard Dr Bergman speak at a lunch & learn at my previous employer. About a month later my daughter Julia who is a gymnast was complaining about a pain in her neck and I immediately remembered Dr. Bergman. After 6 months of being adjusted and educated on chiropractic I knew I needed to be a part of this team and share my love for chiropractic. I have had the opportunity to witness amazing health results. Patients have shared their extraordinary results from reducing or eliminating blood pressure medication to children no longer living with chronic ear infections. My son Josh has had asthma since an infant since he has been a patient of Dr Bergman he is no longer taking anti-biotics, an inhaler and steroids. I look forward to helping families reach their full health potential thru natural chiropractic.

  • Melissa Douglass

    Hi, I'm Melissa and I’m excited to be one the newer additions to the Bergman family. I was introduced to Dr. Bergman's office through a friend about a year ago, and what really struck my interest in Dr. Bergman's office was that he actually found the root cause on my health concerns. I had been to different Chiropractors in the past but Dr. Bergman did more than treat my symptoms, he fixed the problem. Naturally, I was even more excited to have the pleasure of being a part of his team. I have a background working with school aged children with learning disabilities and it's always brought me great joy to be able to make a difference in people's lives. Naturally, seeing how Dr. Bergman has helped many children through natural chiropractic care and make a significant difference in each and every one of their lives is something that I look forward to seeing every day and is very exciting. I look forward to continuing to be a part of such a wonderful office.

  • Heidi Hooker

    I moved to California back in 2013 with my husband and our fur baby Dutchess. I have been here at this office for almost three years now. I have such a passion for helping our patients and sharing the knowledge that I have learned from all of our wonderful doctors. Dr. Bergman even helped me get off my allergy medications other doctors claimed I “needed.” I love being able to connect with people from all over the world on the phone and finally meeting them here in our office. In my spare time I love going to local farmer’s markets and baking. The office likes the baking too! I am proud to call the doctors and ladies I work with family.