Taylor's Story

Taylor was found to have a curve of his spine at only 14 months old. The medical protocol is a wait and see, or wait and see if the curve progresses and then take action. Taylor's curve progressed to 30 degrees and a brace was prescribed. Going through HMO hell, Taylor's parents dealt with 7 different doctors, all with various opinions. These opinions ranged from immediate surgery, which includes the implant of steel rods, to bracing worn 23 hours a day, all in hopes of straightening the spine. Taylor's parents searched to find an alternative, and that's what they found in Dr. Bergman. With Dr. Bergman's unique approach surgery was canceled and Taylor had a fantastic spinal reshaping!

Using Dr. Bergman's detailed analysis of Taylor's upper cervical area, as well as stress x-rays of his Scoliosis, care began on:

Feb. 14, 2000 Taylor had scoliotic curves, cervical 10 degrees, thoracic 30 degrees, and lumbar 15 degrees.

By May 17, 2000 after 17 treatments, over 12 weeks, Taylor's cervical curve decreased to 3 degrees, thoracic curve decreased to 14 degrees, and his lumbar curve decreased to 11 degrees.

Update: June, 2007 Taylor is an active healthy boy, he is involved in Martial arts, and several team sports, he has maintained his spinal corrections and is living a dynamic life that involves regular Chiropractic check-ups, healthy diet, and exercise.